Gafyn Davies is a singer, songwriter and musician from Wales currently living in Lublin, Poland. The songs he writes are stories of crossed-love and broken romance, clothed in a melodic and intriguing blend of folk and rock music, and coloured with a passionate and emotive voice.

In what may seem a natural progression, Gafyn, just as many other singer-songwriters have done in the past, has moved on from his early solo-acoustic sounds and is now currently working with a band and expanding his musical palette. The first fruits of this labour were realised with a full studio album, Broken Romance, released in early spring 2011.

But the wheels keep turning, the current band line up consists of Darek Hanaj on drums, and Dorota Turkiewicz on keys. Together they are already working on material for their forthcoming second album. And in true Gafyn Davies style, the style is constantly changing and evolving; mixing ingredients from rock, folk and pop and seasoning with electronic elements to produce a tasteful mix of traditional and modern flavours.